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Slice: Omni Ear - 14/7/11

Posted: Wed Jul 06, 2011 5:12 am
by SliceEvents

Slice presents:
@ Miss Libertine
34 Franklin Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Thursday, 14th July 2011

Slice is proud to present Omni Ear, a night of live electronica, mind bending beats and visual delights to tantalise your ears,
eyes and mind. A journey through genres fit for the most lysergic doofing environment, all housed within the friendly surrounds
of Miss Libertine in Melbourne's CBD. Cheap drinks and great food abound.


The Scullamooks (100% Live Psychedelic Trance.)
Sikander (Live)
Shifty Gypsies
Random Lamb
Fate Æffect

Décor by Dreamistree: ... 6607592237

Free before 8:30pm, $5.00 entry


The ScullaMooks
It was fifteen years ago that The ScullaMooks started creating experimental music. They fused funk, jazz and classical...
then promptly disappeared into a white hole. After a six year gap that can only be explained by string-theory, The ScullaMooks
re-emerged wowing audiences with a new fusion: delectably danceable doof played completely ‘live’.

The ScullaMooks believe there is great value in live and improvised music. To this end, every performance is new, organic and
fresh; no track is played the same way twice. The result is on-the-fly, brain melting psychedelia: improvised, unedited, of the
moment and for the moment, drawing on the audience for inspiration and energy.

Matt aka ‘Jimmy Mook’ drives keyboards, synths, samples and harmonica, whilst Brad aka ‘Joey Sculla’ provides thundering rhythms,
playing live drum-kit, guitars and a variety of weird and wacky instruments for your aural pleasure.
Fusing psy, dub, prog, house and drawing on the experience of fifteen years of working together musically, The ScullaMooks take
festival audiences on a journey into the white hole they themselves once got very...very...extremely lost in ... ...a white hole?

Sikander is a Melbourne-based live electronic music and visual art trio, with Pradip Sarkar on bleeps’n’beats and keyboards, Prem
CJ on electronic percussion and keyboards, and Paul Rodgers (aka Arnold Eye Irons) on visuals and installations.
The sound of Sikander is influenced by various shades and styles of electronica, from dub-tech, jackin’ techno, kraut-disco,
Madchester shoe-gaze, and UK Bass, to the more ambient, cinematic, and experimental end of the spectrum.

Sikander’s tinkerings in the studio and antics on stage are geared towards the digital re-creation and re-interpretation of ancient
acoustic instruments, and the re-assembly of old and new technology as visual elements. Added to the palette are field recordings
of street sounds and nature cries, industrial drones and hums, kitchen appliances, bugged telephones, and festive events, as
intricate layers over thick kick drums, deep subbass, and lush synths. Visuals are augmented with various technological artifacts,
taken apart and rebuilt as Analogue B&W TVs, LCD screens, and DVD players, while Supper 8 & 16mm films are manipulated and
featured through tubes and projected on-screen.

For the sounds of Sikander, please check out:

Fate Æffect
FÆ is an experiment in multi-faceted, esoteric, tongue-in-cheek electronica. Hard to confine to any existing genres, Cristian Verna's
alterego is a catalyst for musical experimentation, discovering true inspiration and venting anger.
Fate boils away before his collection of music hardware and software, amidst voodoo trinkets and reminders of his true roots in
creativity. Inspired by the mushroom, FÆ evolved from dabbling in industrial, venturing through weird tech, ambient glitchbeat
and soundscapes. His sets are always unique; be prepared for a journey that both ensnares the body and bends the mind.

Shifty Gypsies
The Shifty Gypsies were beamed down to earth to deliver intergalactic pleasure frequencies. Our soundscapes are slightly left of center
to your common garden variety of techno.
We aim to take you on an animated journey through the prehistoric jungles in your mind to
far away places out in the universe. So please come fully equiped with all necessities, especially a head torch!!

Random Lamb
Rafe McCarthy's debut set at the Lounge in June positively blew people's heads off. Combining his love of completely fucked IDM and
glitch genres with a logical sensibility and innate sense of musicianship, Random Lamb will lead you through some perilously dark
places alternating with deliriously happy moments of pure dance music. And then he'll take you back.
A true psychedelic experience.

Always having been a little bizarre, Tøn (aka Gareth Fox,) focuses his inherent strangeness on music ranging from bouncy prog and
tech to dark, soundscape-focused psychedelic trance and moving onto recent experiments in IDM.
Having written music for many years, starting off in his mid-teens producing cheesy trance, hip-hop, hardcore techno and continuing
on to EBM and psy as his tastes evolved, Tøn is finally reaching a state in which he is happy to unleash his collection of musical oddities
upon the world.