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Hey I am new to melbourne.
I want to know a few things.
Firstly where are the doofs announced ? I tried registering for Oz Trance but it would not let me, anyone know why?
Also are there places (pubs, etc...) that regularly play Psy trance, and maybe have open decks?
I am also looking for an electronic music forum to join, like I don't use inthemix because I find not many people post on there according to where there from. Ie I am only interested in Melbourne events. I found and used their forum a bit, but once again there are hardly any posts up there. The forum I used to use in Perth was great. It listed all times of music events from pay, hip hop dub step deb etc and everything in between. So far I haven't found a melbourne music forum that is nearly as good. There must be one though, as Melbourne is twice as big as Perth, and has twice the amount of live music.
Any suggestions?
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