NEW ZEALAND! - wheres trhe doof scene?

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Please can somebody point me in the right direction.

We had a great 2 years in Oz going to some great doofs in Victoria but now we're in NZ for work reasons and suffering doof withdrawl.
I see theres a weekend at alien nation in feb but I dont think I can last that long.

There must be something happening before then and hopefully in the north island.

Please add your comments,

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the ccr website seems to be kaput, maybe this links page has some joy?
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Hey! there is a very small but constant outdoor party scene in NZ .
Christchurch has the psy pirate crew. and a few others

Voyage festival weekedn of 27th November 1 hr from CHC. Will be a huge one. Just visited the site and the boys have been building big things :) ... =3&t=16661

pm me if your interested and Ill send you more details
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these dudes might be able to help you out in the north island bra !!!

good luck ........ it's a small and hidden scene but well worth it !
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Probably the most solid psy crew and parties in the country. Also the Solstice and Equinox parties put on by the MAssive crews of a exceptionally high standard as have been doing for 15 years.
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