REGEN presents: DAHEEN psytrance launch (20/8/11, NSW)

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Dear Dave & Regen. I really enjoyed trancing out to some of those tunes. Daheen, that Star Wars track was brilliant; I loved the bit when Chewbacca spoke and then it dropped into those phat beats, and the Yoda dialogue with the Dark Emperor was very clever and beautifully done, and shear pleasure to dance to. And the earlier track with the elements of the native tribes; phat & primal & beautiful. And that track with the myriad frog sounds and how it blended with the percussion and bass; very psychedelic.

Shane (Biodiversity) I had an excellent time dancing to some of that beautiful psytrance you played; very psychedelic for me at times; very cool; loved it.

I would love to hear the abovementioned music pieces by Daheen on a big KV2 sound system in the forest.
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Thanks so much everyone who came! I had such a great night, lots of fun playing and so many friendly faces and good vibes. Some great costumes were going around as well! Extra big thanks to those who came from other cities and other states, I was really touched that so many people made the effort. Hope you all had a good time :-)
For all those who missed out on picking up a CD on the night, special advance copies are available from only, and then from online stores everywhere from 2nd September. It comes with a story book to go along with the tunes!
:-) :-) :-)
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I read about all of the above then. I feel it is very good yet.
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