Cairns Solar Eclipse Festival 2012

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Hi all,

Does anyone know if and when they will announce the Cairn solar eclipse festival venue, time, date, etc? The website hasn't been updated in ages...

I'd like to know whether I need to pre-book accommodation in Cairns, or whether the festival will have camping facilities like the outback eclipse festival in 2002.

Any info would be helpful.

Can't wait, and hoping for a sunny day!

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im keen as well but no unfortunately i havent heard of any details for a while either :(

there was supposed to be a gathering for it in NT too run by some aboriginal elders which sounded really interesting
as well, but their updates have been even more far apart...

this was on the oztrance forum in the cairns festival thread though, its stored on the official
website URL so it is probably pretty accurate:

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sweet, really nice area up there :D
gonna b wicked.
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I was hoping to take my van up there. The same one at the 2002 eclipse. But I don't think it will make the trip, its already 30 years old and running a bit rough. Might be time to buy a newer van maybe one of those 4wd Delicas?
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Looks like where the Laura festival is usually held!!!
My old combi made it, very rough, most of the newer 4wd had died along the way....
Hope I can get there.... :bounce:
milky joe
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Don't know if any of you guys have seen it.

site is up and running, tickets for sale, some of the line up has been released and 7 days in far north queensland. sounds and looks like its going to be pretty amazing.
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This party just look like it is so going to Rock!!!
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