New Psycle (2011-2012)

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In considering the overall totality of my New Psycle 2012 experience, that was the best doof that I have been to.
The music was extraordinary; most worthy. My favourite sets were ABUSE VS NEODYMIUM (Benny vs Bondy). It was very phat with crystal clear percussion and effects, not to mention the wonderful visuals and lights. The dance floor during this set truly was going off. I loved dancing to the music you both played. Other sets that I loved were Megatron vs Cybele, Facial Tweak, Legacy, Dark Child vs Galaktik, Yobi, Reaction vs Keirra Jade, Tetrameth vs ShadowFX, Lucy's set (I'm not sure what her dj-ing name is, but it was really deep, phat and big, with a dark vibe to it) and Plutonix. Plus I enjoyed, One Tasty Morsel, Psydwayz and Multiverse and Jeanie.

I have never danced so much as at this doof. It was a lot of fun. I wish it wasn't so hot in the day (I wish there was more tree shade and I wasn't sun burnt) or else I would of danced even more. I loved catching up wth old mates; talking, laughing, dancing and sharing a psychedelic experience. It was a special time.

The visuals and lights were amazing; that back drop for the stage was very beautiful with the changing of light bringing out a changing spectrum of beauty and depth. I loved it. There also were many beautiful women there; the most beautiful feminine gathering I've ever seen at a doof.

Over all: It was sheer genius in all its construction and integral effort; a level of doof perfection that I have not before experienced. Thanks Finchy, Benny, Belly, Vando, Crackers, Fiber Jaw, Pixelcraft and Vj Cai, Yobi and Ubrid.

It was great fun.
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yah such a good party and such great people.
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Amazing party!!!! I had a brilliant time. Top music, plenty of shade, great system, etc. Best of all though were the people - loads of friendly people. It makes such a difference :) I'll be at the next one. Cant wait :)
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Had a trip planned for NYE with no success :(. Sounds like the trip would have been well worth it...

Does anyone have pics?
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